How it all began!

The Road Ahead

It was nearly 15 years ago and I was tired of studying long hours preparing myself for a university entrance exam. So decided to leave studying for an hour and just do nothing. I was walking aimlessly from one room to another when suddenly a book in our library grabbed my attention. It was a few meters away from my sight and I hardly could even read the title. I went closer and “THE ROAD AHEAD” became visible. I knew Bill Gates but never seen that book in our library. Still don’t know which member of my family had bought that.

I grabbed the book and went through some random pages to see what it’s all about. Obviously, it was Bill Gates’s book but what inspired me the most was just its cover photo! That was it… I purely got inspired by the road, the title and Bill’s photo. You ask for the reason? There was honestly no logical reason for this inspiration. It was like the cover wanted to lighten up something in my mind or just give me a message that you have a road ahead, be prepared!

I put that book in my room and have carried it with myself wherever I have gone during these years. Believe it or not, I never read the book! I know the content is all about Bill Gate’s life and the road he has gone. But that was his road and I have got mine. The title and the cover photo were all I wanted.

15 years after that day, I still look at the cover almost every day and trying to analyse the message. But it seems there is still a road ahead…

15 years after getting inspired, I decided to create this blog in order to log my thoughts, think loudly and write as I walk in my “ROAD AHEAD”.

I believe in the power of mind and will continue to write about pioneer minds. It’s our pioneer minds that can change our world if only we feed it well.

That was how it all began but now this is just the beginning…


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